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How the Lieutenancy can help

The Lieutenancy of Sutherland can work with both organisations and individuals within Sutherland to help promote and encourage voluntary service and benevolent organisations within Sutherland, and to help celebrate communities' achievements and ambitions. The help that we can give falls into the following categories:




The honours system recognises individuals for extraordinary achievements and commitment to public life and in Sutherland we are proud to be able to celebrate those who have given so much to our community. Nominations for honours are welcomed from members of the public, a decision is then taken by a national committee. Members of the Lieutenancy team may also make nominations. Where an honours nomination has succeeded the Lord-Lieutenant will be invited to comment upon the nomination. If you would like assistance with making an honours nomination the Lieutenancy team can assist.


Further information on honours and making nominations is here.

Birthdays and anniversaries


Helping families acknowledge and celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Birthday cards need not be specially applied for unless the recipient is not receiving a State Pension, if you would like a member of the Lieutenancy team to deliver the card, you will need to contact the Lieutenancy.  Anniversary cards need to be applied for.

Further information on celebrating significant birthdays and wedding anniversaries is here.



The Lieutenancy can advise on procedures and nominations for the King's Award for Voluntary Service or the King's Award for Enterprise.

Further information on these Awards is here.


We can arrange for the Lord-Lieutenant or one of the Deputy Lieutenants to visit your organisation as a means of acknowledging the work being done. Following a visit by the Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant we can discuss how the organisation might be included in the programme when a member of the Royal Family visits Sutherland.

Royal visits are an important part of the Royal Family’s role. Many of the visits are connected to charities and other organisations with which members of the Royal Family are associated. In other cases, Royal visits help to celebrate historic occasions in the life of an area. Visits are always memorable occasions for the hosts, and provide a high-profile celebration of their work and achievements. All visits are carefully planned to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to see or meet members of the Royal Family.

Requests for Royal visits can be submitted to the relevant Private Secretary with a copy to the Lord-Lieutenant or directly to the Lord-Lieutenant. Submissions should contain the reason for the Royal visit (eg new building, anniversary etc.) and provide brief background notes on the event or organisation. The Lord-Lieutenant can also advise on how to contact the various Royal households.

Royal Garden Parties

Each year the Sovereign welcomes around 30,000 guests to Garden Parties at the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Buckingham Palace. These events are a way to acknowledge and demonstrate appreciation of the contribution which the invitees have made to their community and are an important way for the Sovereign to speak to a broad range of people from all walks of life, all of whom have made a positive impact in their community.

The Lieutenancy can nominate a number of people to attend, with a guest, each year. If you feel that someone has made a major contribution to life in the community, or has provided exceptional service in any other way, you could recommend to us that they are invited to this special event. Those in receipt of honours each year are automatically invited and are not included in the places allocated to the county.

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